Thursday, February 01, 2007

India Travels #6: Pushkar, India: Counted and Countless Moments in India

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
Febrary 1st, 2007

Wrapping up one of our last days in Pushkar and, alas, in India. I'm typing in an internet "cafe" asking a nasty Israeli to stop smoking. The constant honking of motorcycles out on the street, the dim laughter of vendors talking with Europeans (hardly any Americans!), and the occasional smell of fresh falafel being fried across the street at my favorite street cafe (only $1 for a giant plate of pita, hummous, falafel, french fries, and fresh salad).

I've discovered a few ways of summarizing our trip:

Chapatis eaten: 105
Rolls of toilet paper used: 36
Times we've been asked :"Were you come from, Madam?": 20/day
Times we've been told "We give you verry best quality": countless
Monkeys which have completely freaked Mom out in restaurants, hotels, roads, and temples: 33
Scarves bought: 22
Hairy rickshaw rides: 14
Kilometers walked: 102
Cows which have head butted us: 4
Times we've said we're not buying anything else: countless
Banana Lassies mom has ingested: 2-3/day
Camel farts we've been subjected to on safari: 5/hour
Namaste greetings exchanged: countless
Snotty nosed children asking for rupees, chocolate, or pens: 6-7/day
Rouds of antibiotics taken: 2
Cows nearly hi by our rickshaw, taxi, or chosen mode of transportt: 2
Policemen nearly hit: 1
Dogs nearly hit: countless
Handiwipes used: 154

Namaste (#2206),
Rachel and Karen


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