Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Bliss Salon & Spa" Photo Shoot by rsthurston photography

Santa Barbara, California

Among many goals for my business, I’ve been wanting to expand my business and network with local salon owners this past year (for what better place to find cool local women?!)

My good girlfriend Kimi Vandyk recently connected me with a sweet, beautiful little salon on Mission Street aptly named “Bliss Salon & Spa” and owned by Santa Barbara local Tracy Grossmann. Beautifully decorated with Buddha statues and warm colors, it’s a very inviting place to spend a couple of hours feeling pampered.

Tracy is looking to expand the look on their website with more colorful, artsy images as well as to celebrate their upcoming one-year anniversary with an ad in
The Independent

The eight of us were lucky enough to catch a break in this crazy spring weather last week on the morning of our shoot.….relishing the early morning sunshine pouring through the windows of the salon then tramping about at one of my favorite local gardens where you can assured something will always be in bloom!

I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with the women at Bliss Salon~

Check them out…it’s a gorgeous place to spend an hour or two feeling doted on…

Pictured in these images are the following gorgeous women:

Tracy Grossmann, Mimi Anderson, Laurie Campbell, Alison Fuller, Angela Ireland, Laura Weidl, and Lauren Woodard.

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