Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alpha's Diamonds & Denim 60th Anniversary Celebration!

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Location: Santa Barbara Carriage House Museum
Saturday, November 2 2013

I've been working with Alpha Resource Center for the past three or more years. They are one of my favorite SB organizations to work with b/c of the heart they put into everything that they do. It's impossible to attend or participate in one of their events without feeling buoyed by the love and support in this community.

Their 60th Anniversary Celebration "Diamonds and Denim" was no exception. From Gabe and Jerry Donovan's beautiful rendition of "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson to watching an entertaining auctioneer--Zachary Krone--spin his magic and rally for some very generous sponsorship from major Alpha Supporters to enjoying a super fun dance set…it was difficult to not smile and feel celebratory!

I think the photos say it all…Alpha is truly giving so much to this community and you can feel the sense of "family" when you attend their events. I'm grateful to be a part of the Alpha "Family" as their photographer and as a proud supporter of all that they do!

Bravo to the Alpha Staff, participants, participants' families, the Alpha volunteers, and all of the generous families and sponsors who have been such a vital part of keeping Alpha going all these years. 

It's a pleasure to know each of you! I hope you enjoy this slideshow~ Feel free to leave your comments below and share this link with your Alpha friends and supporters~

r.s.thurston photography

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