Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm stoked to have another one of my travel humor stories in the newest Travelers' Tales book, More Sand In My Bra. "Oh, The Places She Will Go," will be appearing along with stories by comedian Ellen Degeneres and chic-lit author Suzanne Schlosberg (The Curse of the Single Table). If you've ever been amused and frustrated by the stereotypical Yankee ignorance of world geography, then you'll get a kick out of "Oh, The Places She Will Go." Word has it that Ellen Degeneres' story is almost as witty as mine and that her agent is fast on my heels. ;-)

Edited by Jennifer Leo and Julia Weiler, More Sand In My Bra is another satirical collection of Ms.Adventures from the road (a follow-up to their last anthologies, What Color Is Your Jockstrap?...I'm not even kidding about the title). It you're not familiar with Travelers Tales, they're one of the largest travel anthology book publishers in the U.S.A. Their humor series, written largely by women, has become a bread and butter, best-selling series. You can find many of their titles in the narrative travel section of your local bookstore. More Sand In My Bra makes for quick, entertaining reading on your holiday trip home. And at $14.95 it's also the perfect birthday gift for your free-spirited, wandering friends and paramours...or at least, those of your loved ones dreaming of mai tais and bad sex with strangers in far away lands...

If you order it (of course, try to buy at your locally-owned bookstore first), please remember to post a review on Thanks again and happy October reading!

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