Monday, April 14, 2014

Alpha's Annual "Circle Of Life" Luncheon With Dennis Miller

I've lost track of how many years I've been photographing the Alpha Resource Center's Annual "Circle Of Life" Luncheon but I'm no less moved today by their events than I was many years ago when I first started shooting for them.

The work that they do in our community--providing support to families with children of all ages who have developmental disabilities- is impactful and deeply moving. I am inspired by both the staff and the participants at Alpha who all seem to have a zest for life and a passion about what they are doing.

From testimonials by Alpha participants and family members to witty remarks from long-time Alpha supporter Dennis Miller to music performances by participants….I always come out of any Alpha Event buoyed, humbled, and uplifted by the beauty of the human spirit!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

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Enjoy the Slideshow!

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