Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Barbara, CA
Reflecting on Travels in Tasmania, Australia

Wow. It's truly amazing how long it takes to feel like you've caught up with work after being out of the country for five weeks! I'm not quite there yet but I'm at least coming up for air, taking a huge gulp, and telling myself..."Yes! This feels amazing! I live in California and at some point in the near future I'll have an inbox with less than 100 emails in it!"

Ahh, the sweet smell of 21st Century Bliss!

I've been working on a photo exhibition that will be showing at Women's Economic Ventures for the next three months and blowing up some of my favorite travel, food, and portrait photographs. I've just begun dipping into editing my Tasmania pics but wanted to share one of my most favorite ones that was borne from a truly beautiful moment.

These are the words I've used to describe it on my FB Page:

"This was one of those magical moments that happens when you're traveling along a country road just riding the "flow"....a storm had recently come through and these horses were standing beneath this gorgeous, old tree as the wind whipped their manes...we literally screeched to the side of the road and watched them in was one of those moments that you know at the time will always stay with you."

Check back in a week or two and I'll have more of my blogs up from Tassie....good times and lots of catching up to do! Year of the Rabbit...HERE I COME!