Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sojourn in Cambria
J. Patrick House

Steve and I just got back from a two-day retreat up in Cambria which was DIVINE. Since we both work from home, we find it hard to relax in Santa Barbara sometimes and have wanted to get away together for a while on a trip. He found a really sweet little inn in Cambria which is run by a firefighter/chef/realtor/pilot Renaissance guy who thinks of EVERTHING. The rooms have teddy bears on the beds (I know, not very macho but fun all the same!), chocolate mint with shamrocks, and private fireplaces.
We were served wine and cheese in the evening and would return from dinner in the evening to a plate of wickedly good homemade chocolate chip cookies and cold milk. The breakfast was scrumptious as well...a frittata with red bell peppers, homemade granola with fresh fruit and plump raisins, and hand-squeezed orange juice.

Among widespread acclaim for its service and personal touches, the inn was also mentioned in Patricia Schult's bestselling 1,000 Places To Visit Before You Die.
You can check it out here:
I have to give Steve the credit though, he found it!