Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."
Helen Keller

I've become addicted to Youtube and, in an effort to keep up with the digital age, I've created a new podcast section for my writing and photography website. I've just posted a short slideshow of my adventures (with Mama Chihuahua) travelling through North Vietnam as well as a short music video of the rock n'roll band, "King Bee," that I play with. The Vietnam slideshow is one which I've presented at the "What Color Is Your Jockstrap?" travel anthology booksignings in California, Indiana, and Arizona over this past summer.

If you view the "King Bee" video on Youtube, please take the time to rate it. The higher the rating we receive, the higher its status will be in the Youtube search engine. Check the videos out on my...

  • Podcast Page

  • I've also organized my travel blog links on this site so you can browse previous blogs by country instead of by date. You can find them alphabetically by country in the margin to the right.

    Thanks again and stay tuned for more website developments this month.


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