Monday, November 25, 2013

The American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur Of The Years Awards 2013

*Enjoy the slideshow at the end of this post!  The Arwey Awards were founded by Executive Director Tia Walker here in Santa Barbara, California. This year's awards were held on Saturday, November 16th 2013 at The Bacara Resort and Spa

I learned a few years ago that basically anything that Tia Walker touches usually turns to gold and sparkles with magical and powerful intention in the world! Being in the room and sharing an afternoon with such incredibly motivated and inspiring women was a powerful experience for all of us. She miraculously brought together a diverse group of heavy-hitting women from around the country in order to both celebrate each of their achievements and to inspire all of us towards more intentional living in this world.

There is an indelible strength that comes from supporting each other in moving towards our dreams and giving back to the world. 

From listening to the work that the panelists are doing in the world to being treated to some fantastic music including a humorous "Tiara Song" by Penelope and then a surprise performance by Rickie Byars Beckwith of the Agape Spiritual Center it was difficult to not feel spiritually uplifted by the end of the afternoon. 

We can't merely walk our own paths with purpose, we must support our sisters in walking their own as well. And this is where we will get our fuel to continue on and our inspiration to always aim higher. 

I couldn't have put it better than Sister Janet (another award recipient) put it, "No one has it all together but together we have it all." 

Amen, Sister! 

Enjoy the slideshow that I put together from this beautiful event! Please feel free to share the link with all of your friends and anyone else who was involved with this beautiful day. A big thanks to Tia Walker and all of her hard-working volunteers who helped make this day happen. 

May you all continue to walk the walk. 

With Love And Blessings,
 Rachel ☆⋰⋱★⋰⋱☆⋰⋱★۰̮̑●̮̑۰

A Message From Tia….

The Bigger ARWEY Vision ~ by Founder Tia Walker

Thanks to the brilliant photographic talents of Rachel S. Thurston (of r.s.thurston photography), there is a slideshow of the event that will delight your heart and you'll receive a joy blast :) just by watching.

Your support of the ARWEY Awards extends beyond the borders of Santa Barbara and reaches remote areas of Tanzania and Ghana. Together with our sister city of Monaco, we are building a bridge to help women through the sometimes harsh reality of oppression and lack of access to capital through micro loans, training and mentoring. Our intention is to partner with existing organizations and support their efforts both locally and globally.  We feel no need to start something "new" as there are many organizations that are established to meet the needs, we simply support those efforts.

As we gather with our families and friends this Thanksgiving and holiday season I ask that as a community we take a moment to support the very life changing gift of economic development through entrepreneurship. These micro businesses, feed families, bring women out of oppressed situations and change communities. Imagine a world where everyone on this planet is fed and has fresh drinking water and a means to sustain themselves. That is a very real possibility as we shift our focus to a global connected community and assist those with less access to capital.

You may help by making a donation or bidding on the beautiful Shona art piece "Reach for your dreams" by Zimbabwe artist Marion Nyanhongo which supports the micro loan programs and local organizations who are taking the charge with community changing work. For auction visit:

For individual donations contact us at ARWEY:

Thank you! Sending you warm holiday wishes and welcome to the ARWEY Circle of Light community.


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