Monday, July 23, 2018

Hey Guys and Gals~ 

Welcome and happy summer to you! If you are trying to visit my website ( and have found yourself unwittingly redirected here....

I have recently received news that the company I've hosted my main website through for countless years has just suffered the devastating loss of their web server (and the loss of all of all of their backups as well). 

So what does this mean exactly?

This means unfortunately, that my website (along with thousands of other clients' websites of theirs across the country and around the world) has gone into the ether and is gone for good. Rip ;-) 

Yup, you read that correctly. ;-) 

So--instead of crying uncontrollably into my Matcha Latte--I'm choosing to look at this as a fabulous opportunity to create a brand spanking new website which is even more amazing that my last one! And a website which integrates my writing, photography, video work and travel around the world. In the meantime, if you are interested in hiring me for any photography or writing or would like to be subscribed to my fabulous travel adventure and healing journey email updates, pls feel free to contact me at: "" 

You can also scroll down to the list of keywords in the right column to peruse blogs I've written over the years or a range of photo shoots I've done over the years to check out more of my portfolio that is still intact and online (until I post my new website).

Thanks again for visiting me and hoping you have a blessed summer that is free of technological challenges...;-) 

Rachel Sarah Thurston



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